The Park covers an area of 1119 hectares in the Municipalities of Guiglia and Marano s/P. Starting from the Savena flood plain, the protected area follows the right slope, safeguarding a significant example of hill landscape, where the spectacular sandstone spires of the "Sassi" stand out. The cliffs are surrounded by woods where in spring there are flowerings of primroses, violets, anemones, orchids, while at the end of the summer there are cyclamens and chestnuts. Thanks to the presence of different microclimatic situations, it's possible to find Mediterranean plants such as Erica arborea next to beech trees and blueberries. There are different kinds of animals, such as roe deers, foxes, squirrels, badgers and porcupines. In the ponds there are warty newts, while in some streams it is possible to find crayfish. There are more or less 200 kinds of birds, such as the Peregrine Falcon, Tawny Owl, Nightjar and Tawny Pipit. What is more, there are karstic phenomena such as sinkholes and caves with the rare Italian cave salamander. The austere Pieve di Trebbio and the numerous medieval villages are surrounded by different natural environments. The Park can be visited all year, but autumn and spring are the best periods because it's possible to enjoy all its spectacular aspects. You can’t avoid visiting the Borgo dei Sassi visitor centre, which is the point of departure for the Sasso della Croce, and Pieve di Trebbio Park Centre, where there is a nature exhibition, an environmental education centre and a little botanic grade. The Chestnut Museum is a decentralised visitor centre. It is by Ospitale S.Giacomo, 4 Km from the centre of Zocca.

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