The Regional Park "Monteveglio Abbey" covers an area of more or less 900 hectares. It is between the Samoggia and Ghiaia streams, and it reaches Rio Marcatore, which is its border for a long part. The Park is characterised by a harmonic landscape, where human work and natural environment are harmoniously mixed. Inside the Park, at the top of Monteveglio hill, there is the imposing Santa Maria Abbey, next to which, the ancient village has developed. Next to the paths of the Park there are hedges of spontaneous species and nice rows of oak trees and maples. Along the paths it's possible to find vegetable and animal environments that are typical of the hills of our region. On the southern side of the Park there is the bare and sunshiny landscape of erosion furrows, while near Rio Ramato there is luxuriant vegetation, and it is also possible to find sunny woods, big vineyards and cultivated areas. The Park provides intense educational activity with schools. In the Centre San Teodoro, which is the administrative seat of the Park, there is an educational workshop and a thematic library. The Park is easily reached both from Bologna and from Modena driving through the State Route 569 (Bazzanese) until the area of "Muffa" and from there moving south to Monteveglio.

Centro San Teodoro, Via Abbazia 28 Monteveglio (BO)
tel. 051.6701044
fax. 051.6702301

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