The Park was created in 1989 and it covers a total area of 6.300 hectares in the regions of Marzabotto, Grizzana Morandi and Monzuno. It protects the mountains between the Reno and Setta rivers. This area is sadly famous for the tragic events of autumn 1944, when nazifascists massacred the civil population, accused of protecting and hiding partisans. It lasted some days: hundreds of people died and a lot of houses were destroyed. After the massacre, these places were abandoned. As a consequence, nature had the possibility of retaking the areas that were cultivated in the past, creating a great biodiversity. The scotch pine and the rare live oak are of particular interest. Abandonment has also helped fauna diffusion, in particular ungulates. The heart of the park is represented by the Poggiolo Visitor Centre which is the starting point of any visit to the Memorial. It is an itinerary that connects the main areas that were touched by the massacre, such as the ancient village of Casaglia, where you can see remains of the cemetery (where don Giuseppe Dossetti lies) and the church destroyed by the bombs, San Martino and Cerpiano. The School of Peace, an international meeting place, isn't very far from the Visitor Centre. Inside the park there are also some medieval buildings. Near Marzabotto there are the excavations of Misa Etrurian necropolis with the annexed museum and, in Grizzana, the home-museum of the painter Giorgio Morandi and the near "Fienili del Campiamo", which nowadays is the seat of a documentation centre dedicated to him.

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