The oldest settlement in the region of Zocca is the prehistoric village of Montequestiolo. Its remains are dated to the Fourteenth century before Christ, that is to say at the end of the Bronze Age. The Commune of Zocca was officially born in the middle of the Nineteenth century, after having been part of the Commune of Montalbano. It had a commercial origin: in 1465 the Duke Borso d'Este gave his permission for there to be a market. The name Zocca derives from "zoca", the word that referred to the chestnut stump where merchants used to meet. Still nowadays Zocca is linked to this product and in fact it is one of the "Chestnut Cities". In October, for the past 27 years, there has been the famous Chestnut Fair. In the village Monte San Giacomo near the town centre, there is a Museum dedicated to this precious fruit which represents the ancient bread of the areas inhabitants. Zocca is characterized by a wonderful mountain landscape. What is more, excursion lovers both on foot, mountain bike and by horse-riding will find a network of paths that go through the villages, castles and churches. There are a lot of shops, hotels and in particular a very new sports centre: all these elements make Montese a very vital place in the Apennine area. There are a lot of leisure opportunities: a rich series of events takes place during the summer. In Zocca the rocker Vasco Rossi and the astronaut Maurizio Cheli were born, among other famous people.

Villages: Ciano, Missano, Montalbano, Montecorone, Montetortore, Montombraro, Rosola.

Area (Km^2): 69
Altitude (msl): 205/890
Inhabitants (on October, 31st 2004): 4717
Area Code: 059 ZIP Code: 41059
Weekly market: Tuesdays

Town Hall: tel. 059 985711
Traffic Policemen: tel. 059 985762 - 059 985763
Carabinieri: tel. 059 987022
Corpo Forestale dello Stato: tel. 059 987600
Emergency medical centre: tel. 059 7574780
Zocca Pharmacy: tel. 059 987026
Montombraro Pharmacy: tel. 059 989959
Vignola Hospital: tel. 059 777811
Ambulance: tel. 118
PromAppennino: tel. 059 985584 - 059 986524
Pro Loco: tel. 059 987073
Taxi (Zocca): tel. 059 987031 059 987902 - 347 8754597
Taxi (Ciano): tel. 059 988451
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Distance from Modena Km 48 Distance from Bologna Km 50
Highways: A1 (exit Modena sud)
Streets: SS 623 del Passo Brasa, Fondovalle Panaro, Bazzanese

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