Guiglia was dominated by the Canossa family until 1115, then, after Matilde died, by the Signoria dei Guiglia and, after various dominations, finally by the Estense in 1405. As it was on the borders with Bologna, fortifications started to be built. It is possible still nowadays to find some evidence of that. The castle includes the square tower house, said "del Pubblico", now "dell'Orologio", whose bell is dated 1535. The village church is dated 1474, and some of its parts were renovated during the Nineteenth century. The town overlooks the big plain where the river Panaro flows. Guiglia dominates that plain and for that reason it is called "the Balcony of Emilia". A big part of the municipal region is covered by the Regional park "Sassi di Roccamalatina": a natural environment of great value that can be visited both for educational and recreational reasons. It is the ideal place for excursion and mountain-bike lovers. There are many places of interest: Samone village, the Romanesque Parish of Trebbio and Castellino delle Formiche. If you go to Guiglia, it is impossible not to try one of the typical local dishes, in particular the "Borlengo": a very light puff pastry, cooked in a special pan called "sole" and served with lard, garlic, rosemary and Parmesan cheese. In May there is a fair dedicated to this dish.

Villages: Castellino, Gainazzo, Monteorsello, Pieve di Trebbio, Roccamalatina, Rocchetta, Samone

Area (Km^2): 49
Altitude (msl): 154/740
Inhabitants (on November, 30th 2004): 4022
Area Code: 059
ZIP Code: 41052
Weekly market: Sundays

Town Hall: tel. 059 709911
Traffic Policemen: tel. 059 709911
Carabinieri: tel. 059 792421
Corpo Forestale dello Stato: tel. 167 841051
Emergency medical centre: tel. 059 7574780
Pharmacy: tel. 059 792360
Ambulance: tel. 118
Vignola Hospital: tel. 059 777811
Tourist Office: tel. 059 709951
Pro Loco: tel. 059 792930
Taxi: tel. 059 792551 - 337 574111
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Distance from Modena Km 34
Distance from Bologna Km 47
Highways: A1 (exit Modena Sud)
Trains: Nearest train station: Modena
Streets: SS 623 del Passo Brasa

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